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We are certain that no other agents in Los Feliz could have done nearly as fine a job

Mona and I want to thank you for your extraordinary assistance in selling our beloved home of 27 years. As you know, it was a somewhat painful decision for us to sell it. However, you made the process so easy and in the end, when the outcome turned out to be so far beyond our expectations, it all became quite pleasurable. We are certain that no other agents in Los Feliz could have done nearly as fine a job as you did and we will always be indebted to you for your very kind help. If we ever have other real estate needs in the future, you are the only ones we will call and should someone we know need to be referred to the best real estate agents in Los Feliz, then it goes without saying that you are the only ones who fit that description. We look forward to staying in touch and send you our warmest best wishes for the holidays and the coming New Year.

Endre & Mona

My house ended up selling faster and for more money than I could have ever dreamed

Working with George and Eileen was a great experience. I was selling an older home in Los Feliz and I needed some guidance as to what needed to be fixed up or replaced in order to maximize my home’s curb appeal. George and Eileen were able to tell me exactly what needed to be done and more importantly put me in touch with a contractor who got those renovation jobs done quickly and did a great job. They also talked to me about staging and I was a bit skeptical at first but I decided to trust their expertise and I was sure glad I did. By staging the house, along with the renovations and having it marketed so professionally with great photos I was able to get multiple offers, all over asking just one day after the first open house. My house ended up selling faster and for more money than I could have ever dreamed. I can’t recommend George and Eileen highly enough. They did an amazing job.

Scott T

Efficient, informative, accommodating, great listeners, punctual and absolutely passionate

Over the past 19 years, I’ve bought two houses and sold one with George & Eileen, selling for more than 10 percent over asking price. They are efficient, informative, accommodating, great listeners, punctual and absolutely passionate about the business of residential real estate. Having them on your team provides a measure of comfort that makes what could be a stressful process easy and even fun.

Kevin A

Their listings not only looked great but also seemed to sell quickly

I have lived in the area for many years and over that time whenever I was curious about the market generally or specific houses for sale I would go to George and Eileen’s website as they always seemed to have the best properties in the area (or they did a great job of making them seem so!) Over time I also noticed that their listings not only looked great but also seemed to sell quickly and I decided that when it was time for me to sell, they would be who I called. Well, the time came and I was not disappointed. George and Eileen were great in every way, strategic, knowledgeable and personable. Selling can be stressful, but they really helped keep the process smooth and efficient.…And the result for me, several offers on the first day offers were accepted and selling for well over asking and with a matching back-up offer just in case. I would (and have) enthusiastically recommended George and Eileen to anyone buying or selling a home!

​​​​​​​Mike G

Your immediate responsiveness and compassionate natures brought an unepxected element of fun

​​​​​​​I first met you many years ago when you were selling my neighbor’s home across the street. The aroma of fresh baked chocolate cookies coming from that house brought me through the door. Based on the incredibly good feeling I experienced when speaking to both of you and the sincere answers to my many questions, I made the decision to call you when it was time for me to move on to my next chapter. Late last year, my perceived optimistic view of life was tested with the decision to sell my home of over twenty years. I had no idea how many difficult decisions and emotional turns this adventure had in store for me. Fortunately, I made the correct choice in choosing you to guide and ‘cheerlead’ me through the process. Your immediate responsiveness and compassionate natures not only created trust, but, also brought an unexpected element of fun. I had some ‘thinning out’ to do (I can only smile now, Eileen) and thank you for your gentle recommendations to help me give my home the look needed to sell for top dollar. Your insightful suggestions for the right people to help me with painting, a bit of staging and other additional things I needed for the house only added to the successful outcome. I appreciate every step you took with me in selling my home and all of your combined dedicated efforts in making this an experience I can fondly look back on. I will highly recommend you to anyone selling or buying in the Los Feliz Area.

Shelley M

Our home sold for $35,000 more than its asking price, and to a solid buyer

Relief, that is what I felt when we started working with the Morenos. We had a Silverlake house to sell–a beautiful home, but on a challenging street–and we were looking to buy in Los Feliz. We needed our Silverlake home to sell quickly, and we needed advice on what to do to the house in order to maximize its appeal. George and Eileen spent an entire afternoon with us, explaining where the housing market stood, how they planned to market our home, and what we needed to do to it going forward. Their eye for detail, and for what needed freshening and fixing was unerring. They recommended a reliable and speedy contractor whose crew did a terrific job, and at a reasonable cost. Our house looked gorgeous. Once the offers on our house started coming in–and we had something like eight offers in four days–we understood just how savvy their marketing strategy had been. We also came to realize just how important it is having experienced realtors handling the sale of your house. Multiple offers are, of course, what every seller craves, but figuring out which offer really is the best can be tricky. George and Eileen have the sorts of connections and the experience that enables them to give sound advice. And throughout, they maintain an almost Zen-like calm, which ratchets down one’s own anxiety considerably. In the end, our home sold for $35,000 more than its asking price, and to a solid buyer. But here’s the thing, if the Morenos were simply super agents, I would not be writing this letter. They are terrific people. It’s not just that they have integrity, or that they look out for your interests, although they do. It’s that they are curious about the larger world, open to other points of view, able conversationalists, and fun. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Alice E

You both went above and beyond our expectations

Thank you so much for being terrific realtors, for guiding me (and Matt) through the process of finding a house (quite a journey!), making an offer, negotiating, and all the rest. You both went above and beyond our expectations and took such great care of us right down to the very end; with the sewer permit, which we never would have thought of! We truly felt that you looked out for us throughout the entire process and it meant a lot to know that you had our best interest in mind.

Jennifer G & Matt T

You gave us a realistic view of the market and where our home sat within it

Michelle and I wanted to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for your unrelenting dedication to helping us secure our dream home and relieve ourselves of our previous one. As you know, we had spent almost three years pursuing our elusive next property, with a number of heartaches along the way. We met you by chance while perusing a home in Los Feliz and were immediately taken by your warmth and your friendly demeanors. We had been working with a number of agents who had promised the world but delivered very little and we were just getting ready to give up hope until we met you. You understood our brief immediately, and despite not having any formal commitment, you continued to send us only the best houses that met our criteria – with no pressure or pretense about the nature of the relationship. It was this very respectful, friendly and professional manner that made us decide to work with you to prepare our home for sale and entrust you to find our new home exclusively. From the outset, you guided us through the process of preparing our home for sale, leaving no detail to chance. You gave us a realistic view of the market and where our home sat within it and provided detailed directions for preparing our home to maximize it’s potential – even providing much needed resources in terms of contractors and stagers. You’re view on pricing was spot on and your advice to price a little lower in the hopes of a bidding war paid off for all of us. When we were lucky enough to have a property we’d had our eye on for some time come within our reach, you offered sound advice on the pros and cons of the purchase, playing devils advocate and balancing our obsession for a property that wasn’t without it’s challenges. When we managed to convince you that there was no other home for us, you fought day and night on our behalf, negotiating a deal that at first seemed unattainable and securing the property for a price that we were extremely happy with. As we sit here in our new home, we couldn’t be more grateful for the service and friendship that you both have bestowed upon us. We are truly grateful for making our dreams a reality and for helping us to find a home our family can enjoy for many many years to come.

Pete & Michelle W

She worked a miracle and we got an amazing house for significantly less than list price

Eileen Moreno is the best of the best. She worked with us for months, and saw us through an incredibly difficult shortsale process that involved multiple lenders and tax liens. In the end, she worked a miracle and we got an amazing house for significantly less than the list price. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I know that it only happened because of Eileen. If you’ve been house hunting in Los Angeles for any amount of time, you can appreciate how impossible finding any kind of deal is. The rest of Eileen’s team is also great. When Laura saw that we were worried about the lawn at the house dying before closing (but after the original owners had moved out), she watered the lawn herself! In short, Eileen is responsive, ethical, practical, and experienced. If we ever sell this house, she’s the first one we are calling.

Andrea L

It sold in the first week

George and Eileen are by far the BEST team in the area. Eileen is so professional and she really understands what it takes to make a house sell quickly. She has an eye for interior design that helps with the preparation of taking a home to market. George is very helpful in the process as well by being a GREAT communicator on all levels. George and Eileen got us the dollar value that we knew our house was worth and it sold in the first week. If you want a team that will fight for you and give you honest and knowledgeable advice, then this is who you want. Thank you, George and Eileen!

Stephanie K

We're so glad we took your sage advice

Thank you George & Eileen! First of all, for advising us to do some fix ups before putting our home on the market. We were a bit apprehensive, being 3000 miles away and not able to oversee the work being done. But you handled everything and we’re so glad we took your sage advice, as all of your recommendations paid off. I’m so appreciative of your guidance over the years, from helping us purchase the home back in ’08, the times you helped us lease it and especially now through the process of selling it. I’d happily refer you to anyone looking for a realtor.

Chad M

Imagine an empty house that was just a pocket listing fetch top dollar

George, Eileen & Laura helped sell our house in Los Feliz in a jiffy. All along, we were thinking of continuing to rent it out. We had reached out to George & Eileen knowing that we were only exploring selling the home. Until the very last day when we countersigned a bid on the house, we were leaning towards renting it out. However, the sheer hustle, reputation-driven market network and superb persuasion & negotiation skills of Eileen, George & Laura changed our minds and resulted in our home changing hands to a very good family. Imagine an empty home that was just a pocket listing fetch top dollar. Thats how good this team is. In effect, from initial conversation to a contract on hand it took less than 3 weeks, during which time we were getting the home ready for renting it out. This short turnaround is a tribute to the team pulling all stops to get a deal done. The kind of energy they had would give most millennials a lethargy complex. George, Eileen & Laura are the monarchs of Los Feliz & Silver Lake real estate. Period!!!

Sara V

After one or two weekends, we had a handful of great offers, well-over-asking

I don’t usually write online reviews, because I don’t normally care that much, but this seemed like a good way to hopefully help out our neighborhood. When it came time to sell our home in Los Feliz/Silverlake, we started paying attention to the market to see which local brokers were working the hardest. Everywhere we looked, we saw George and Eileen’s signs, but when our neighbors across-the-street sold their home VERY quickly for WELL-over-asking price, we knew we had to give them a call. George and Eileen and Laura sat down with us at their office and explained very simply what they do best and how they would strategize to sell our house. We walked thru the house and they pointed out some spots that needed some fixing/love. They even suggested a painter/handyman they use a lot as well as one of their favorite designers, Daniella, to help us stage it. (BTW, stage your house, folks!) I gave them a list of upgrades we’d done and told them about recently landscaping the yard. The painter and Daniella got to work. Laura designed spectacular online-listings and glossy brochures for the Open House. When it came time to discuss the listing price for the house, George and Eileen suggested a number we thought was too low. My wife and I had a much higher price we wanted. They explained that we may get a higher price, but the most important thing is to get people in the door. And hopefully those folks start bidding against each other, driving the price up. Best. Call. Ever. After one or two weekends, we had a handful of great offers, well-over-asking. We closed a few weeks later with zero problems. Obviously every house is different and the market varies year by year. But George and Eileen and Laura made the process smooth and manageable. They are total pros and we would use them again in a heartbeat.

Rob H

Your consummate professionalism and savvy experience were instrumental

On behalf of my family and myself, please accept our most earnest thanks in connection with your efforts toward the recent sale of my mother’s home. Your consummate professionalism and savvy experience were instrumental in shepherding the process toward a successful conclusion. More important, however were the compassion, understanding and accommodations you extended throughout to my mother, as she grappled not only with the difficult reality of leaving her home of 45 years and adjusting to a new living environment, but the loss last year of her husband of over 60 years. For your undeniably sympathetic approach, my sisters and I will always be grateful. Much continued success and good fortune to you all.

James W

I'm still stunned at how quickly and well it all went

Thank you all so much for your tireless efforts in getting my (former) house prepped and sold. I’m still a bit stunned at how quickly and well it all went – a testament to your good judgment, deep knowledge of the market, and outstanding sales skills. My family and I are deeply grateful.

Laura T

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